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The catalogue Machine-heads and string holder contains 19 items

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Model Name/Short description Price € Price $ Cart
M-015s 4 individual machine heads, golden plated & pearlized buttons
for Ukuleles - Cuatros - Cavaquinhos
16,00 17,84
M-1 Machine heads for Acoustic Guitar, steel strings
7,00 7,81
M-1/4 Machine heads for Octave or reducted Classic Guitars
for nylon strings
14,00 15,61
M-164 Machine heads for Classic Guitar
silver plated, Butterfly buttons
22,00 24,53
M-205 Machine heads for Classic Guitar
gold plated, Butterfly buttons
30,00 33,45
M-2SB Machine heads for Classic Guitar, nylon strings
10,00 11,15
M-602/2 Machine heads for Mandolin, point hole
15,00 16,73
M-606 Machine heads for Mandolin, pearlized buttons, point hole
18,00 20,07
M-609 Vintage Ancient Machine heads for Vintage Mandolin to be setted on headstock
picture on request
140,00 156,10
M-609sic Machine heads for Concert Mandolin, high quality
Extra, gold plated, pearlized buttons, point hole
72,00 80,28
M-613 Machine heads for Mandolin, golden plated, point hole
25,00 27,88
M-618M/10 Machine heads for 10 strings Mandocello or Charango
30,00 33,45
M-706B/3 3 individual machine heads for 3 strings Balalaika
useful also for other instruments
10,00 11,15
M-900 Machine heads for reducted Guitar or Greek Baglama
for steel strings
12,00 13,38
T-2 Tailpiece for Acoustic Guitar
Heavy duty, trapeze, chrome plated
10,00 11,15
T-3 Tailpiece for Mandolin, pressed steel, 8 hooks
8,00 8,92
T-4 Tailpiece, pressed steel, 8 hooks
For Mandolins, Mandolas, Bouzoukis and Banjos
10,00 11,15
T-4x Tailpiece, with slide on strings' protector
Pressed steel, 8 hooks. For Mandolins, Mandolas, Bouzoukis and Banjos
12,00 13,38
T-5 Tailpiece for Pocket Mandolin or Baglama
With slide on strings' protector
5,00 5,58

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