Category: Banjos
Banjo Tenor
Model 505 T-DB

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Top:   Animal skin - double aluminium case
Back: maple root wood  veneered
Sides: maple root wood  veneered
Neck: mahogany wood  in more pieces
Fingerboard: ebony wood  or rosewood
Bridge: maple wood  or rosewood
Machine heads: Golden-plated  individual
Machine heads


Decorations: Curly neck, maple root wood veneered case, mosaic inlays on sides and back
Varnish: high-gloss
Tuning: C-G-D-A; DO-SOL-RE-LA
Strings: 4 - steel
Diapason: cm. 54,6
Notes: ONLY ON REQUEST - Pictures are only for demonstration

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Animal skin - double aluminium case
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maple root wood veneered case, mosaic inlays on sides and back. Looks like the showed 505 DB


Segnala ad un amico

All instruments are provided with a 42 years seasoned massif spruce top!
Please note that each part of the instrument is subject to changes in wood and spare parts,
as it is a craftsman product.
Strings, methods, bags, hard cases and all kind of spare parts are available for each instrument.

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